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David Moon  –   corespondent   –  NYC

David Moon has worked at various technology companies (Honeywell, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and IBM Consulting) spanning the original dotcom era and the times since however his interest in computers, programming, hardware hacking and just generally enjoying creating things, goes back to the dawn of his memories.  He always enjoys examining new tools and technologies and so his interest in cryptocurrency platforms has not surprised any of his friends and associates.

Bitnoob  –   corespondent   –  Los Angeles

Bitnoob is a regular guy with a normal 9-5 tech job. His perspective articles focus on the trials and tribulations of being new to the bitcoin universe. Bitnoob has worked in several different industries including, architecture and urban planning as well as tech work in network infrastructure and content delivery. His previous writing/web work include travel blogs, Mp3 resources, a car audio storefront and an online magazine for the underground punk rock and metal scene in Southern California.


Pinguino  –  corespondent  –  Los Angeles

In 1995, Pinguino briefly worked at First Virtual, a pioneering online bank that introduced the first digital currency to the internet. Two years later, she designed an e-commerce site for the largest comic retailer, Mile High Comics. In the midst of the dot-com era, she was the art director for Zoovy, a storebuilder with eBay integration. Her media background is equally diverse; from editing text-based zines System Failure and Flippersmack to contributing photography for Comic Book Resources, Marvel Comics, Wired, Anime News Network, Playboy, Slate, Examiner, and Verge. 


Erin Scott  –  corespondent  –  Los Angeles

Miner and early bitcoin adopter


Adam  –   foreign corespondent   –  Paris

A recent transplant from California to Paris, Adam chronicles the bitcoin saga from a unique viewpoint. His impressive resume includes the UCSD Supercomputer Center and Citrix Online. He also is a costume designer for Labyrinth of Jareth in Los Angeles, and volunteers for the San Diego Comic-Con.


Razkan  –   foreign corespondent   –  Nairobi

Resident Kenyan reporting in.