Out in the World

Articles covering cryptocurrency events and happenings in the larger world.

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Eating Crypto for a Week in LA – Day 1

I'm doing a food challenge where I'm only eating food I can get locally with cryptocurrency in Los Angeles. The challenge lasts for eight days, and started on...
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Bitcoin ATMs Arrive in Los Angeles! Part Two, Hands-On

Part one of my Bitcoin ATM experience gave an overview of the Bitcoin ATM and its deployment at Locali in Venice, California. In this part, I document the details of using the Bitcoin ATM in every way I could think of to do so.
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Satoshi Square #5 Writeup

A year ago, Spelunk.in was inspired by Satoshi Square in NYC to start a meetup in LA where anyone could show up and trade coins. Completely decentralized, no co...
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Bitcoin Summer Sundays Begin June 15th!

Starting on Sunday, June 15th, and continuing each Sunday through until October 26th, over 30 vendors will be accepting bitcoin for goods and food products.
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BTC in the news 04/17

Digital Currency Magnates: Two Of The Largest Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges, Huobi And OKCoin Bank Accounts Cancelled Following PBOC Ban USA TODAY: Bitcoin exchange...
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BTC in the news 4/1

preev.com: Bitcoin Exchange Rate — Bitcoin Live Converter New York Times:To Instill Love of Bitcoin, Backers Work to Make It Safe Coinreport: Analysis: The G...