Going Further

Done with the basics? Here are some slightly more complex guides.

Hide your keys in PLAIN SIGHT!

It's Christmas for crypto users today! Imgur user crazyflashpie has posted a super easy tutorial on using channel colors in Adobe Photoshop to hide keys in ...
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Dogecoin Helps Shibes Lose Weight!

Since March, we've been running a game in a private Facebook group called Dogecoin Dietbet. It uses dogecoin to inspire weight loss. Players pool doge to tak...

Understanding Bitcoin and Taxes

Yesterday the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) finally decided how they wanted to regulate Bitcoin in the United States, just in time for tax season!! They post...
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Automating Trading: A Week with Gekko

I decided to start automating my trades of Bitcoin when I reached a balance of just 3 BTC. My thinking was basically that the volatility of Bitcoin was suffic...

Bitcoin Bounty Roundup

Bounties can help drive software development, tool adoption, and many more positive effects for open source software systems.