Field Reports

Ground-level reports covering acquiring and using Bitcoins for exchanges.

BTM Up Close

NYC’s Latest BTM Is A Delight To Use!

There is a new BTM (Bitcoin Teller Machine) in town and it is in a nice area, is easily accessible and is a real treat to the user who just wants to swing by and get some bitcoin quickly and simply.
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Cryptoing through Europe

I was recently in London and Croatia for a few weeks, not for any cryptocurrency reasons, but it managed to seep into our trip in unexpected ways. For starters,...
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Bitcoin ATMs Arrive in Los Angeles! Part Two, Hands-On

Part one of my Bitcoin ATM experience gave an overview of the Bitcoin ATM and its deployment at Locali in Venice, California. In this part, I document the details of using the Bitcoin ATM in every way I could think of to do so.
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Satoshi Square #5 Writeup

A year ago, was inspired by Satoshi Square in NYC to start a meetup in LA where anyone could show up and trade coins. Completely decentralized, no co...