Whew, it’s been a minute. We started Spelunk.in in 2013 to document our crypto journey, and share our knowledge with our friends. Across New York and Los Angeles, our crew hosted Bitcoin for Beginners workshops, Satoshi Square trading events, and Dogecoin events like DogeParty West and LA’s Dogecar watch party. Life happened, and publishing and events slowed down. I came back a bit to celebrate Year of the Doge in 2018. Got distracted by life again. Then the pandemic hit.

We saw dogecoin go to a penny a couple times, which was pretty amazing for doge. Then about a month ago, riding along the GME and WallStreetBets hype train, a reddit group at SatoshiStreetBets started making a lot of noise about Doge to $1. The price climbed to 9 cents before the exchanges (looking at you, Robinhood) straight up turned off buying, new user signups, or just crashed completely under the load. It was the most exciting thing to happen in a year.

The price spike drew in millions of new Dogecoin holders, though this new cluster knew very little about crypto. Driven by Tiktok, Clubhouse, and Twitter, many seemed mostly to have their eyes focused on fortune. A lot of the old dogecoin community jumped into action to educate this new community and spread positive vibes.

A month passed, and we have a stable dogecoin price, and a new tagline: #DoOnlyGoodEveryday. The new community is kind, supportive, and has a similar vibe to dogecoin of yesteryear. There’s less of a focus on getting rich, and more community events. There’s a new Dogecar racing tomorrow, many new merchants, and there was a Dogecoin Game Jam hosted by doge creator Billy Markus. Dogecoin has a bright future, and gave everyone a much needed burst of excitement and camaraderie in a painfully lonely world.

Fueled by Clubhouse, NFTs have also been growing in popularity. These nonfungible tokens have a variety of uses and have taken the art and music world by storm. This combines two of my favorite things: independent art and blockchain projects.

Spelunk.in will be coming out of its deep slumber and explore this new world. I know a lot of the old content is a bit broken, but hope the new stories are as engaging as what you’ve come to expect from our site. I don’t want to be a news site; there are many, many places that are better staffed for that. This will mostly be highlights of projects that I think are cool, tutorials, and chats with fun people. I’m also minting some NFTs and will post those here as well. It feels like we’re in some groundbreaking territory and cryptocurrency finally has the mainstream adoption that we all envisioned back in 2013.

Thank you crypto friends!