Can anyone start a blockchain company these days? With Kaleido, we were able to set up a blockchain in under ten minutes. The new all-in-one blockchain platform lowers both the technical and financial barriers of entry for companies, making the innovative tech accessible for anyone.

Kaleido is an enterprise-grade blockchain cloud platform developed by New York-based blockchain software company ConsenSys. In May, Kaleido pa rtnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the most popular cloud services platforms used in development today. This pairing allows a business to build and manage blockchain solutions without having to start from scratch. Kaleido uses Ethereum, and Ethereum protocol packages Geth and Quorum are available, as well as consensus algorithms such as RAFT, IBFT, and POA. This “dual mode” lets companies link from a private, permissioned enterprise system, to the decentralized permissionless Ethereum mainnet network.

Today, Kalido announced that they will expand into the Asian Pacific region (APAC), in response to significant increase in requests for blockchain-based services by businesses as well as governments. One of the projects under this new initiative is Project i2i, which seek to integrate rural banks in the Philippines with major financial networks through a blockchain-powered platform. Caifeng Gene, a biotech company based in Shanghai, plans to use Kaleido to “establish a blockchain data exchange that will help doctors and medical services better prevent and treat rising diabetes prevalence in China.”

According to Juniper Research, six of 10 large corporations are either actively considering or in the process of deploying blockchain technology. Amongst companies that have reached the Proof of Concept stage, two-thirds (66 percent) expected blockchain to be integrated into their systems by the end of 2018.

Steve Cerveny, Kaleido Founder said in a statement, “If blockchain doesn’t become dramatically easier to use, then companies will have to walk back their investments and our society will be far too slow in realizing blockchain’s significant promise. We designed the Kaleido platform from scratch with new user experiences and tools to radically simplify the entire enterprise journey. This all-in-one Blockchain Business Cloud changes the economic equation of an enterprise blockchain project. By offering a full solution way beyond do-it-yourself scripts or templates, Kaleido significantly speeds up development and deployment cycles and dramatically lowers operating costs. What Salesforce did for CRMs, Kaleido will do for blockchain.”

Kaleido is available today on AWS Marketplace by visiting or from the Kaleido website at