It’s been quite a wild ride of Dogecoin – our little shibe had a crazy fall with a ton of renewed interest in the coin. New dev projects are spinning up, tipping servers are coming back online, and the community is coming back together, starting with a really fun video contest. 2018 is year of the dog in the Chinese calendar, and dogecoin has pronounced that it’s year of the doge. To celebrate, we made a 4k desktop wallpaper and shared it with the doge community on reddit and steemit. Grab it here:

Speaking of steemit, will be experimenting with crossposting content on steemit, which is sort of like a crypto-based medium server. It’s a blogging platform with an avid community of tippers who love cryptocurrencies. While we want to retain an archive of our content in an easily accessible location, Steemit is a great way to reward our writers and creators for putting informative pieces together.

We’ve also slowly been bringing Satoshi Square back – we had a small event in December in LA at a barcade, then Sebuh threw one in January in Burbank. We’re doing one this Friday at The Other Door. Come join us and celebrate the year of the doge! Free eventbrite tickets here: