Shifting Gears To The Future


You might have noticed a lack of posts recently here at Spelunkin and it might be reasonable to look at that and assume that we are somehow slowing down the pace due to a waning enthusiasm towards Bitcoin and/or other cryptocurrencies.

I am here to tell you that this is SO not true. This is not some “Goodbye and thanks for all the fish!” note but instead a pre-announcement to let you all know that we have been even more active than before in the scene, we just have held off about writing about it recently due to a lack of that most previous resource: time. However, just a hint at what’s going on:

– is now run by Spelunkin LLC, a limited liability company in the state of New York.
– We have lined up a lot of people in the cyptocurrency scene for interviews.
– We have been exploring all sorts of new Bitcoin-based products and services that have been popping up, including even trying out our own Bitcoin ATM machine, as covered here: (We have since made much better signs..:) )

So by all means, keep watching this space as now that a lot of behind-the-scenes steps have taken place, we are in a much better position to start bringing you even more and better information about Bitcoin and activities in and around it. The Bitcoin world is getting very exciting and we are excited about watching it all from the front row.

That moment when the engine drops RPMs while one shifts from one gear up to the next? That’s what 2016¬†was for us and now we’re going to get going even faster.


David Moon
Co-Founder, Spelunkin LLC