This weekend, Berlin will be hosting Europe’s first Dogecoin conference and party! Stop by on Halloween for some shibetastic fun at c-base! The event runs from 6p-11p, but they’re also livestreaming it for the global dogecoin community to join in on the fun. The website has a handy calculator for you to see what time the event is in your time zone.

Speakers include Jens Wiechers (Dogecoin Foundation), Meinhard Benn (Satoshi Pay), Christian Rotzoll & Nikolaus v. Unruh (DogeRain), Lars Kluge, and Gary Lachance.

Dogerain app creator and event organizer Christian Rotzoll answered a few questions for us.

What makes Dogerain different than tipping as a way to engage with new cryptocurrency users?

Giving away some free Doge to a new user is always a good idea to get someone started into the crypto currency world. Tipping works perfectly for online communities like reddit, facebook or twitch. But if you want to take it into the outside world – for example tip everybody at your school, at a conference or at a party – you could just use something like paper wallets in the past. Also tipping thru tip bots often requires some level of technical skills – using a special syntax, understanding addresses, qr-codes, etc. and all you see of your first coins is a number in an account – thats all very abstract for new users.

DogeRain is an free app – everybody with a smartphone knows how to install it from the store. The app shows you animated coins with this picture of this adorable cute doggy on there when you collect some or making it rain by swiping. Its very visual and connected with the dogecoin memes it makes your first crypto coin experience much playful and very fun. We think that the app is the perfect starting point for non tech savy users to install their first wallet, catch some free dogecoins and spreading the love forward.

How many people are using Dogerain these days? Do you have plans for an iphone version anytime?

The app is now available for Android and iPhone. Since version 3 it is now a hybrid app, that works on both systems.

At the moment there are around 300 rains happening everyday around the world. On our website we have a world map where you see the 100 latest rains. US and Europe are the biggest hot spots right now. But we see small communities using the app also in Australia and Asia and single spots all over the globe. We have around 1000 users that are frequently active and seeing continuous adoption without any marketing pushing this – our main focus over the last month was development of the app.

How did Dogerain get involved with the Dogecon? And What’s the Dogecoin scene in Berlin like?

The dogecoin scene in Berlin is still quite small but very passionate. At the regular bitcoin meetup in Berlin at room77 dogecoin always comes up at one point – mostly because somebody is starting the DogeRain app on his phone and making it rain. Together with some shibes from the Berlin “bitcoin girls night out ” the idea came up to make a doge dedicated event – something between a meetup and a doge party. Nikolaus and I started organizing and we asked the guys from c-base for the location and the idea evolved into making a small DogeCon – and here we are. Happy to invite everybody to join in next friday the 31th of october – in real life or via live stream at … and of course we will make it rain big time for everybody around the world to catch some free doge.

Thanks Christian! We’ll see you on the Livestream!