Breaking: Shocking Allegations About Moolah CEO Alex Green

While the overall virtual currency community is still reeling over the sudden implosion of Moolah and related organizations including Mintpal, Syscoin and other entities, there may yet to be another, much heavier shoe to drop.

A substantial amount of information may be coming to light about the CEO of Moolah, Alex Green. This document alleges that Alex Green is actually an imposter who has apparently scammed people under previous identities.

After receiving several emails from concerned parties, including former employees, it’s come to light that ‘Alex Green’, CEO of Moolah appears to be well known internet scammer ‘Ryan Kennedy’, also known as ‘Ryan Humble,’ ‘Ryan Gentle,’ and many other pseudonyms. A simple Google search will lead you down the path of abuse, fraud and destruction he leaves in his wake.

There is also this part which claims that this was a single-person scam:

People affiliated with this individual were not aware of who they were dealing with. The employees of Moolah, Mintpal, and Dogecoin / SysCoin communities were led to believe this individual was named “Alex Green” and were not aware of his history when doing business with him.

The full report with a lot more substantive information and the evidence gathered so far can be read here:


Moolah’s response has been to deny the allegations.

There appears to currently be a rather vile smear campaign going around about Alex, as well as large quantities of inaccurate information being spread in a last-ditch attempt to force us out of business. We are going to continue operating, regardless of this.

We are actively following this story and will update you as soon as we know more.