15388808692_75fac25515_zSunday was my last day on a week of cryptodiet! We woke up at the Alpaca Ranch BnB and made quesadillas. One of the alpacas had left its enclosure and was chilling on the hillside. He came over and hung out with us when he realized we were giving carrots to the other alpacas. Apparently the fence is there mostly so the alpacas know where their home is.

Later that night I made my last meal of the challenge. I had 4 dogecoin eggs left, so I made some egg drop soup for dinner. I made 4 cups of stock from a chicken bullion cube and some frozen veggie stock I had, and added in 2 tbsp of corn starch, 1tsp ginger, 1 tsp soy sauce, and 1/4 tsp of garlic powder. I IMG_5011added some scallions from the garden, and loosely whisked in 4 eggs. My boyfriend who doesn’t like egg drop soup actually liked this one.

So while I did complete the challenge only eating on bitcoin, I didn’t quite follow all the rules I had set out for myself. A handful of times I went for passing bitcoin through a 3rd party instead of directly. Sometimes it was on purpose, like my Foodler order. Sometimes it was from necessity, like when we were at Smokehouse and they didn’t know how to take bitcoin, despite the sign on their door.

On the other hand, I did get three people to install wallets who had no reason to install them previously. They kept their bitcoin to spend later, probably in the local comic book store that takes it. And to those who say bitcoin (and comics for that matter) don’t appeal to women- those people were all female. They all shared a giddy fascination in their eyes when we did the transaction, and that excitement is why I like cryptocurrency. Innovative technology is *fun*

Cryptodiet was pretty hard though. I might try it again in a year, and see if LA is a better home to crypto merchants. Meanwhile, lots of love to @jmgranola’s chickens, Meltdown Comics, Mission Market, and Alpaca Ranch BnB for being reliable and awesome. I couldn’t have done this challenge without you.

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