Another less-interesting update because I didn’t leave the house. Food-wise today was awesome. I used the leftover veggies (paid for with bitcoin) with the eggs (paid for with dogecoin) to make an omlette. I call it a dogelette. Lunch and dinner were more leftovers from Smokehouse. Snack was candy from Meltdown Comics, paid for in bitcoin (kinda like Japanese M&M’s in a cool box). The candy was really cute- I’d buy that again (with dogecoin!).

Eating crypto-only takes a lot of planning. I missed a few birthdays at busy bars that I knew wouldn’t be open to taking crypto. Super wishing I’d left Foodlr and more bartering in my challenge rules, so I’d have more variety to write about.

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One of the reasons I wanted to do this challenge to see how feasible living on bitcoin would be in Los Angeles, if I were to someday take an income in cryptocurrency. There aren’t nearly enough places here that accept crypto, despite some major bitcoin companies being based here: GoCoin and expresscoin, both housed at an incubator space called Bitropolis in Silicon Beach. I posted a question on Zapchain about bitcoin paychecks, and a handful of people (mainly at bitcoin companies) were in fact pulling paychecks in btc. I think those people probably do a lot of gyft. I was surprised that a San Diego company, Airbitz, was able to pay their office rent in Bitcoin.

Even though I didn’t go to any new crypto places, I was super glad that I have a bunch of leftovers. I will probably have to figure out a food tomorrow though.

Total Spent: 0 btc

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