I almost gave up today. In a world of drive-thrus and easy access to pretty much whatever food we want, limiting to crypto food is kinda rough. I know that’s totally #firstworldproblem, though. Doesn’t make it less irritating.

Breakfast was good, and easy. Instant ramen with an egg. It was a spicy kind I’ve never had before, sourced from Mission Market.

For lunch I mixed tuna with hardboiled eggs, and used the rest of the sweet walnut milk bread to make a sandwich. I tried to make some deviled eggs, too. One of the hardboiled eggs seemed a little off (it was from the box marked “older” which had been out in the 100 degree CA sun last week), so I was a liiiiittle sketched out by them.

I snacked on the apple crisp and another box of Yan Yan, and was just increasingly hungry all day. Tried raspberry Kit Kats, did not like. (sorry Meltdown! I like trying new things though). I ate the rest of the tuna mix.. and was just super hungry and low-blood-sugared. Almost ordered on Foodler. Tempted to try to do pizzaforcoin. That would be cheating though.

A couple years ago, I made ramen tacos with cnelson and Erin, and we’d made our own noodles from scratch. Noodles are basically eggs and flour. So I made some dough (1 cup of flour for 2 eggs), let it rest 30mins, and then cut it into strips. I boiled it for about 10 mins, mostly because my cuts weren’t thin enough. I had some basil growing on the balcony, so made a sauce from that, garlic, butter, and a few squeezes of lemon.

SO GLAD I DIDN’T CHEAT. It was amazing. Thank you, chickens, for the doge eggs!

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Hitting up the bitcoin BBQ place tomorrow at 6:30p! Come out if you want 🙂

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omg this challenge is half over. bitcoin is hard.