Day 3 was a lot more boring than the weekend, because I didn’t go anywhere. I’d bought a lot of extra stuff, knowing that there probably wouldn’t be a week’s worth of different places to visit. I woke up in the morning to an energy drink and a Cream Pudding Bun from Pangea, which was indeed soft, creamy, and delicious.

IMG_9734For lunch, I had the BBQ Chicken Salad from Mission Market. The sauce was a weird BBQ vinagrette, and I wasn’t really a fan so I kinda choked it most of it down. I had a Yan Yan, which is my favorite childhood snack- Japanese biscuit sticks that you dip in chocolate. I was still super hungry so I ate one of the apple crisp things and a bunch of the Hello Kitty crackers from Meltdown (also fairly sweet). Despite snacking pretty much all afternoon, I was hungry all day :/

At this point I actually kinda wanted something not sweet. I hardboiled a ton of eggs, and made an egg salad mix with 2 of them. I sliced my walnut bread in half (from Pangea), and made a sandwhich. While the sandwich was pretty good, the bread was more like a pastry, almost as sugary as a donut.

Around 11p I gave up and made kinda an egg fried rice thing out of the instant cup of broccoli cheddar Rice o Roni. I feel better but I think I ate half the random stuff I got over the weekend. Cryptodiet takes a lot of planning.

One disappointing thing was that I called Le Petit Jardin, the Italian place that was the first in LA to take bitcoin. They stopped offering bitcoin as a payment option, and are unable to assist in the challenge. Super sad, but I’m glad I called and checked.

I did talk to a few new places- maybe one of them will agree to try cryptocurrency before this week is over. I’m eating stuff I’m cooking tomorrow, and Wednesday at 6:30p checking out Spring Street Smokehouse.

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