IMG_9701 IMG_9707Sunday morning, I woke up and made some of the eggs I got yesterday from @jmgranola for me and my boyfriend. We were celebrating my dad’s birthday in San Diego, so we dashed down there to meet up at a fancy movie theater called Cinepolis to watch Guardians of the Galaxy. I was pretty bummed that I couldn’t join in on zebra popcorn during the cushy movie, but snuck in some Pejoy and ate those. They’re basically inverted Pocky- biscuit tubes filled with chocolate. I got those yesterday at Meltdown. 

San Diego seems to have a fairly active bitcoin meetup scene. We actually had a choice of two pizza places, burgers, a taco place, and the bakery. We chose the bakery purely for convenience- it was the closest thing to Del Mar. It was still a 15 min drive though.



We then went to the middle of San Diego to Pangea, a bakery cafe with a large neon bitcoin sign outside. I grabbed a Cream Pudding Bun and Walnut Milk Bread to eat during the week, and three Pork Curry Pockets and a Kumquat Lemon Tea. I also got Dave a coffee. That was .0367btc, or $14.41. I think they were using Bitpay but don’t quite remember. We went back for bobas later and chatted with the barista a bit. Pangea had been taking bitcoin for six months. About ten people showed up to the opening, but they’ve only been averaging three transactions a month since then. She likes doing the bitcoin transactions though, because they break up the monotony of her routine and it’s fun.

IMG_9711Their food was awesome! I’d actually been there before, and the pork pockets did not disappoint. They reminded me of the meat pies at Portos. The drink was super good, too. Dave and I grabbed some boba for .0183 btc. My dad seemed to like his bitcoin present, so that was awesome. I’d previously given him bitcoin in a paper wallet for Father’s Day.

We detoured out to Fullerton on the way home, to Mission Market. That place was pretty much just a very nice convenience store. While I could have easily bought enough food there to complete out the challenge, it was largely preprocessed snacks which I don’t usually eat a ton of and it’d be boring for you guys to read about. I did stockpile a bunch of energy drinks, and got a few meals worth of stuff.

We chatted a bit with the owner, Roland. He was super nice. They use Coinbase’s merchant app on a tablet that’s mounted in front of their register. I think that the app was in beta- the design seemed a little awkward, but it worked well. He says that you can buy bitcoin in the store through a program he’s involved with called Coinsafe. They have a max of 10% of bitcoin’s value in a day that you can purchase (so right now, about $40), with no minimum. This market is the only market I know of in Southern California that accepts Bitcoin directly. It’s about an hour from my apartment.

Roland talked me into picking up some of the fresh foods. I’m usually pretty hesitant about premade deli foods- I hate mushy sandwiches and bad salads. I ended up eating a turkey croissant on the way home, which was pretty good. It wasn’t as good as a sandwich on Virgin Airlines, but was better than an average airline sandwich. No mushiness.

I spent .06848 btc at Mission Market.

Total Spent on Sunday: 0.12348 btc

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