For an entire week, September 20-28, I will be doing a crazy food challenge. I will only buy locally with cryptocurrency, favoring altcoins when I can. This’ll be happening in Los Angeles, CA, which has a strong crypto community, but not many retailers.

When I first got into bitcoin, people would ask “but what I can spend this on?” A year ago, I didn’t have many answers for them. We’ve come a long way in a short time, and now there are many merchants who have integrated bitcoin and dogecoin for their payment processing. It’s still a very young ecosystem, but I’d like to show that it is possible in this city.

Gyft and Foodler don’t count for this particular challenge. I won’t overnight food from other cities. I want to buy directly from the source. There’s one exception- food gifts are ok. (free cookies at work, relatives having you over for dinner)

This is roughly my plan, using places that currently accept bitcoin or dogecoin. Do you know of anywhere else in the city that accepts cryptocurrency? Have restaurants on the fence about it?

I welcome others to join me in my challenge, and eat crypto-only for a week! Use #cryptodiet

*boo! Hot droughty weather killed the veggies! Any veggie farmers out there willing to take crypto?

(The art above is by Sinke Edge Design! Paid for in bitcoin!)