Since March, we’ve been running a game in a private Facebook group called Dogecoin Dietbet. It uses dogecoin to inspire weight loss. Players pool doge to take bets on if they can drop a certain percentage of bodyweight in 6 weeks. Every player that meets that percentage is a winner, and the pool is split between them. We’ve done a few rounds of this game, and it’s proven to be an effective way to socially lose weight in a fun way.

Seric had been playing since day one. “The support structure of dietbet helped me stay on track throughout the year and massively reduced my tendency to make excuses to fall back into bad habits for any extended periods of time.”

“Dogecoin is super fun! For someone like me that can’t invest/ afford bitcion, doge is a good alternative!” said Christina Shaban, a player who also handles crypto payments for Simi Valley Insurance. “Its easy to deal with for paying in and out.”

“For me the doge didnt really mean too much. It was fun though. The thing that helped me the most was knowing I was in a group of people that are trying to reach the same goal,” explained Craig Welty, Spelunk.in co-founder. “It felt that I had to be accountable for more choices and amounts of food. The percentages helped me track what was actually happening even though I didn’t really see or feel it in myself.”

Initially players only had to put in about 1000 doge and with about 20 players total in the game, the doge amounts always sounded impressive than if dollars had been used. Only a few of the players had dogecoin wallets at the beginning of the challenge, and it was interesting to see the various methods they used to acquire enough dogecoin to play. Most found friends who were miners or active in crypto, but one of the players actually ran around the internet and begged for his doge.

“I liked that its a fun and engaging way to lose weight. It’s really like a game! I feel that [dogecoin] makes it a lot easier to participate in the challenge,” said Spelunk.in staffer Jessica Stamp. “It’s secure and I seamlessly put my coins in the pool.”

“It’s always fun to say I have 2000 dogecoins,” added Christina, who was new to dogecoin at the start of the game.

“I had a few dogecoins I bought from ezdoge and some dogecoins left over from the Dogecar party gathering in early May,” said Al. “I needed to lose a few more pounds before my trip to Samoa and I came back at my peak, 7 pounds lighter. I feel great and I’ll continue with the healthy regimen of a non-processed food diet with more cardio-based exercise.”

The players spanned the United States, but the game could easily support a global audience. We hope that other crypto enthusiasts consider adapting our game with their health challenges, and doing their own dogecoin dietbets.

Our next round starts October 1st, with a one million dogecoin pool going.