GoGoCoin held their launch party at Meltdown Comics last week, making their widely anticipated bitcoin giftcards accessible to Los Angeles. They celebrated the release by bringing a taco truck with free tacos. Meltdown live-silkscreened GoGoCoin shirts to give away, as well. Store manager Francisco Dominguez estimated about 50 attendees throughout the night.

Activation of the cards is an easy process. You pay for the cards at the register, then take them home, and go to their website. We used a penny to scratch and reveal the pin # to our sweet, sweet bitcoin. After the pin’s entered on the site, the card can be redeemed for whatever bitcoin is worth at the time.

Currently in Los Angeles, if you wanted to buy bitcoin, you could go to one of two ATMs that take a large amount of personal data. You could also drive out to Santa Monica and buy from Expresscoin. Meltdown provides a fairly anonymous and simple way to buy bitcoin in person with the GoGoCoin cards. The store itself also accepts bitcoin, giving you a place to also spend them!

For more information about GoGoCoin, go to


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