Yes, the phrase has been uttered nonstop in both bitcoin and dogecoin worlds, but today Dogecoin PR and Very Charity announced that Dogecoin will, in fact, be going to the actual moon. This is HUGE. NASA hasn’t sent anything to the moon in decades, and our community will be sending dogesleds and dogecoin, fueled by our passion. This is the most exciting event to ever happen in cryptocurrency, but more importantly, for those who want to see more space activities and exploration.

Twitter user @bitcoinbegger posted this link today:

It talks about a contest starting May 21 called the RevUp Render Lunar Iditarod. According to the post, “The prize is to get a Dogesled rover vehicle on board a rocket to the moon. When it lands on the moon the rocket will release a payload of 3 Dogesleds. They will be small, about the size of a smartphone, and they are going to have a race on the surface of the moon which we all can watch.”

Teams of shibes can enter sleds, with entry fees being in dogecoin. One of the contest judges will be Jackson Palmer, but the other judges haven’t been chosen.

All competition details can be found here: