The NYC Viewing Crew

A fair amount of the audience out in NYC

Sunday, the 4th of May was not only a special day for Star Wars fans but it also marked the debut of the Phil Parsons Racing “Dogecar” at the Aaron’s 499 at Talladega Superspeedway. To celebrate this momentous day in Dogecoin – and cryptocurrency – history, Spelunkin threw simultaneous parties at bars in both Los Angeles and New York City so that Dogecoin fans could come and watch the race together. Adding to the fun in NYC were giveaways for everyone, including pretty paper wallets, stickers, and more!

Wallets to be given away.

Well over 117,000 Dogecoins were given away – everyone who showed up got at least 980!

Foley’s NY Pub and Restaurant was the perfect place to host this event. It was centrally-located in Manhattan, making it easy for fans as far away as Long Island to get there easily. Foley’s is also a dedicated sports bar with a displayed memorabilia collection that rivals most museums and with about 16 flatscreens and one large projector screen, they are unquestionably dedicated to serving up sports to their fans. Finally, it also has 2 variants of cider on draft, which is a big win in the eyes of this reporter.

NYC Pit Crew Screen View

How we saw the race out in NYC

With the event going for some hours, the crowd assembled throughout the early afternoon, peaking to 20 people which overflowed the long table set aside for us as we watched the race on the big screen. As the details of NASCAR racing was new to all of us, we had to figure out the on-screen graphics to find our car, #98 driven by Josh Wise, in the listings. And of course with every wide shot, all eyes scanned the field to try to catch a glimpse of the car. Fox Sports was good enough to give a long shout-out to both Dogecoin and the Reddit group that sponsored Josh and his car and in NYC, at least, the crowd went wild with excitement at the strong positive words spoken about the story by the race commentators. Truly a “so wow” moment!

Commenting on the Dogecar

While they may not have been very familiar with Dogecoin, they obviously did some good research.

As promised, there were huge giveaways on both coasts. In NYC, we gave away paper wallets filled with 980 Dogecoins to all attendees and one random one was extra-packed with 98,000 Doge! Figuring on around 20-30 attendees, the random one was placed in the stack such that the 13th person to attend would be given the special one without fanfare or notice. However just to make sure the winner was careful, they were contacted after the event to remind them

Megan - Dogecoin Winner

Congratulations to Megan who later learned that she had won the 98K grand prize!

One of the guests also brought their own wallets to hand out to people. These had a great almost marker/watercolor look to them. Spelunkin will be keeping a close eye on DogeFed in the future!

Another wallet design that was given away

Someone else brought some great looking wallets too!