Award Winning Shibe

Hopefully #98 can win it all!

Just 5 more days until the debut of Phil Parsons Racing Ford’s Official Dogecoin car driven by Josh Wise under the lucky number 98 at Aaron’s 499 Sprint Cup race at Talladega Superspeedway!!! We’re so excited that not only are we having simultaneous parties in both New York City and Los Angeles, but we are reaching out to other parties in other cities* as well.

Of course we want everyone to have a good time with Dogecoin and cryptocurrencies as well during this event, so come on out to both learn and share and also win! That’s right, we’re going to be giving away cool little prizes and even Dogecoins to lucky shibes all throughout the event. Not 10, not 100, not even 1000 – we’re talking giveaways to match our favorite car’s number – 98 – times 1000!!! That’s right, 98,000 Dogecoins will be given away throughout the day at EACH of our parties!!! But that’s not all – because we want everyone’s little psychic paws to help push Josh Wise’s car to the finish line first! So if Josh Wise wins the race in Florida then Spelunkin will then give away 5,000 dogecoins to every shibe who came to our party to watch it happen!

* – If you are aware of any such events in your area – or are going to throw something together yourself – please contact us as we would love to link up!