13680714803_3b95d63a5f_b Spelunk.in spoke with Jeff Maki, the creator of an awesome new card game based on everyone’s favorite internet meme and cryptocurrency doge/Dogecoin. Jeff brought the demo of his game to Spelunk.in’s DogeParty West. It was very popular and we wanted to get some more information on the project. His Kickstarter ends in a few days, so back it now! http://kickstarter.com/projects/85321723/dogecards-such-fantastic-adventure-take-doge-to-th

Spelunk.in: Tell us about your game!

Jeff Maki: DogeCards is 2-4 player parody table top card game lasting about 5 to 25 minutes for ages 7-99 and printed in the USA.  Every card has or will feature original artwork! Your objective is to be the first player to take Doge to the moon! Internet celebrity and cyrptocurrency enthusiast Doge has a dream of going to the moon!  Take the reins of your own spaceship company (real or made up) to build him a rocket and entice him to ride with you instead of a different company (player). To do this you’ll acquire dogecoin throughout the game to spend on Shiny! things to attract Doge to you. Doge will always be moving between the players, going to the player with the most Shiny! objects!  The Shiny! cards consist of the typical and atypical things Doge would wear, play with or love in general.  You could have Doge wearing a top hat, gold chain monocle and a cape, and riding a turtle for example! You’ll also spend your dogecoin to build the Rocket to take him to the moon.  There are also variable cards within the dogecoin cards such as the Fed and Hack which let you cancel cards or steal cards. On your turn if you have Doge and a Rocket you can send him to the Moon and win!

Spelunk.in: What’s your background in the game community?

Jeff Maki: I’ve been playing board games, card games and other table top games for over a decade. I own many different titles like Fluxx, Munchkin, Settlers of Cataan and many more. This is the first game that I’ve created and all of the playtests and demos came back with amazing results. Everyone who has played DogeCards has loved it!

Spelunk.in: Why dogecoin?

Jeff Maki: I got into Bitcoin early in 2013. Since then I’ve watched the introduction and rise of many different altcoins. I think dogecoin has a huge place and can be one of the largest cryptocurrencies. There is a humongous amount of support within the community for most things dogecoin.

Spelunk.in: What made you decide to use KICKSTARTER as a platform?

Jeff Maki: I have seen a lot of success for games through Kickstarter above many other platforms. Their layout was easy to use to get your project up and running and provided a lot of freedom in creating reward levels. There is a relatively large community as well with a lot of social media presence.

Spelunk.in: Has there been a lot of support from the community?

Jeff Maki: The above said, I’ve actually found it pretty difficult to get the word out in the community. I was pleased that one of the creators of dogecoin backed my project within the first few hours of launch! The folks at dogecoin.com have been super helpful and even gave the ok to use the dogecoin logo within the game.


You can help Jeff and the Dogecards game out and get a copy for yourself by backing the kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/85321723/dogecards-such-fantastic-adventure-take-doge-to-th You can also watch Spelunk.in cofounder @pinguino play test the game on the kickstarter video. 13680839545_fe69aa5755_z 13681008244_933578da91_b