We wanted to take a moment and introduce some of our contributors from the past year! You’ve seen some of these guys at events, online, or read their articles. Since some of them wanted to be anonymous, we decided to ask a couple questions about them, instead.

Jessica Stamp
Favorite Wallet? Dogevault
Favorite Coin? Dogecoin
When did you start? Last summer, whenever the first Satoshi Square was

Erin Scott
Favorite Wallet? Blockchain.info
Favorite Coin? bitcoin but peer coin, master coin and currently maid safe or safe coin are interesting
When did you start? 
Dec 2010

John Buzby
Favorite Wallet? Dogecoin QT (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!)
Favorite Coin? obviously Doge.
When did you start? I started… jeez, I think it was day 5 of Dogecoin, which would have been December 13th I think

Favorite Wallet? Blockchain (mobile)
Favorite Coin? love love LOVE dogecoin (but like bitcoin)
When did you start? late last year

Favorite Wallet? Blockchain.info
Favorite Coin? Bitcoin but I like the idea of zerocoin a lot
When did you start? Feb 2011

Favorite Wallet? Happy with whatever
Favorite Coin? torn between doge and bitcoin
When did you start? a year ago

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