Spelunk.in celebrates a year today, and we’ll be bringing you a week of retrospective articles and top favorite moments in cryptocurrency.


This year has gone by quick. My personal goal with this site is to force myself to learn more about crypto currencies. When we started this site I didn’t know much other than several of my friends appeared to be striking it rich with this currency called Bitcoin which seemed like a joke only a few years early.  I wanted to be a part of this but before I invested my own money and I wanted more information. My first posts to this site were my experiences trying to figure out bitcoin and how to get on exchanges to get my first Bitcon. The process was much harder than originally thought. Throughout the year I attended several Bitcoin meetup groups. I also helped organized the Satoshi Square LA events and helped with the first Dogeparty  with real Doges. It the upcoming year I hope to continue to promote the use of crypto currencies and contribute as much as I can to spelunk.in and its users.


When we started Spelunk.in, Bitcoin was something other geeks would make fun of you about. Since then, it’s planted itself into mainstream awareness, with more and more people playing with cryptocurrency each day. We saw Bitcoin move between $80 and $1200, and rode the rollercoaster of emotion that came along with it. We saw the human side of micropayment crowdsourcing, as dogecoin built wells in Africa and sent underdogs to the Olympics and NASCAR. We helped unite the community in LA with our own crypto events, and taught others how it worked. We taught businesses how to accept crypto safely, giving locals places to spend their currency. The cryptocurrency scene has a lot of smart, interesting, and fun people in it, and Spelunk.in is proud to be a part of it.


This year has been a transformative one for me. For most matters of technology, I might normally have stayed on the sidelines and maybe studied and dabbled, but in the case of cryptocurrencies, it is hard to believe that it has been just a year since I found myself energized as never really before, feeling a desire to “cannonball” into this space by helping launch this magazine. The raw potential of this idea – and really, the world is moving past the introduction of this idea and on to implementation – to be such a transformative device in our society seems impossible to overstate at this time. I have definitely enjoyed dedicating myself to supporting Spelunkin over the past year – it has made me break out of my shell a little and introduce myself to people across the world. I have gone to places and seen events (and even starting putting on some myself – https://www.facebook.com/events/694413717270998/ /plug ) that have been fantastic and fertile ground for developing new ideas and concepts that will be instrumental in both easing and accelerating this new world into existence. I’d like to thanks both Dusty and Pinguino for helping keeping this whole thing going and I hope that we all see many more of these anniversaries together.


Spelunk.in couldn’t happen without the support of our friends who have become ingrained members of the crew. First off, Jessica (LadyJeza) does SO MUCH behind the scenes to keep the site going! She researches news, bartended DogeParty, and helps out with Satoshi Square. Christina Shaban helps out with Satoshi Square at times, too. Erin Scott has been helping with all our events. Mitch Bo shoots most of the Satoshi Squares. John Buzby wrote the amazing series on dogecoin mining. Jane Avriette does in-depth bitcoin writeups. Adam Lathers was exploring Bitcoin usage in Europe. Razkan is our Kenyan corespondent. Tom Longson walked us through a lot of early Bitcoin stuff. Scandalous popped in and covered an event we couldn’t make it to. Francisco and Justin from Meltdown, Sebuh, Ana from 2 Dog Farms, Natalie, Alex, Carl, Seric, Headshot, and Dave were instrumental in making DogeParty a success. Also thanks to all of our wonderful interviewees – it’s been fantastic hearing your ideas and going on crypto adventures with you. I know I probably missed some people, but you have our love anyways. Let’s make the next year even more awesome- we’re going to the moon!