There’s a moon themed coin called mooncoin.
There’s a penguin themed coin called penguincoin.

Craig was feeling a little left out.. so.. introducing CraigCoin!

This is the coin you want to go on epic adventures with.
This is the coin that will encourage fun ideas.
This is the coin you take drinking.

Download CraigCoin here!

We generated CraigCoin with CoinGen, a site that lets you make your own altcoin. It was pretty easy, just fill a form out and send btc (.01-.06). It did take about a week to go through, and when I contacted support a few days after purchase, I got no response.

Coingen only creates the coin and doesn’t make services for it. They also only have a PC client available. It mainly looks like just a wallet. There’s no support from coingen after you download the file.

Here are some of the fields you can customize:

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 10.59.44 AM


Many coins were waiting in line to be generated:

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 10.57.37 AM


Some people think that CoinGen is a bad idea, adding to the clutter of altcoins on the market. Coingen was created by early bitcoin adopter¬†Matt Corallo, and recently sold to Super3 (Shawn Wilkinson). They see it more as curating a culture of alt-coins. I see it a bit more like paying that one guy $10 for a time travel certificate, or the guy who was naming stars after people. It’s silly but nice to have personalized things named after you.

Digging around, did find this primer on what to do after you’ve created it.

I do firmly believe that CoinGen is great for entertainment, but if you want to make a serious altcoin you should have a coder. And maybe a plan that involves your coin being innovative or different in some way.

Meanwhile, enjoy CraigCoin! If you want to make your own altcoin for lulz, head to