Bitcoin-friendly Los Angeles hackerspace NullSpace Labs needs your help. Their landlord wants to renovate their building, and the hackerspace has about a month to move locations. They have an indiegogo campaign going to raise money for the relocation. Since 2010, they’ve shared their love for technology with the residents of Los Angeles. Constantly inventing and pushing the boundaries of tech, NullSpace is a haven for geeks in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. They have an open-door policy and have been hosting many entry-level classes. Many members actively volunteer with the DefCon and Layer One security conferences. They have about 21 days left and are halfway through their goal, and can absolutely use your help.


You can also just donate directly to them via Bitcoin! 12nSqj1HTErMXNGkdgKxXQfWcBkKpCnteh is their address.

We spoke to Enzo, one of the keyholders. “Nullspace needs a new home! It’s hard to imagine not having that space to meet and collaborate on projects.  We have so much great prototyping equipment and shared tools. It’s amazing that you can think of an electronic project and potentially have the prototype finished there in a single day.” He went on to explain that through Nullspace, he’s learned to solder, program, and do PCB design. “If you show initiative to learn, people are always willing to help you out. I built beverage cooling contraptions and plenty of blinky devices. I’ve chased weather balloons across the desert because of this place. It would be awful to see this LA resource disappear.”






(photos via flickr)