While some people are making boring resolutions about food and exercise, I want 2014 to be more fun. I’d like to see bitcoin integrated into daily life, and I’d like to see more people excited about cryptocurrencies. Here are 10 easy things you can do to keep currencies fun.

1. Talk about Bitcoin
Always take time to explain cryptocurrency to nontechie friends and strangers.

2. Treat Bitcoin like Money
Need to pay a friend back for movie tickets or dinner? Ask if they’ll take bitcoin.

3. Support Bitcoin Retailers
The people who’ve decided to add bitcoin to their sites are usually apprehensive about doing so. Show some love and buy something from them!

4. Diversify your Portfolio
There are hundreds of altcoins. Grab some investment coin, but snag some silly ones, too! Keep crypto fun!

5. Spread Bitcoin Awareness
Bitcoin swag like shirts, stickers, jewelry, phone cases and the such keep btc in everyday life

6. Meet Fellow Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts
More cities around the world are hosting events like Satoshi Square and other meetups. Can’t find one? Leave a comment with your city and I will help you try to find something

7. Play with Mining
If you’re not already mining, it can be a lot of fun. Altcoins like dogecoin make mining accessible and fun.

8. Go on a Road Trip
Increasingly, more and more physical locations are taking bitcoin. It’s a fun adventure to find a place and buy something in btc. I also enjoy selling on localbitcoins when I travel to other cities.

9. Attend a Bitcoin Convention
It feels like there are coin conventions popping up all the time. Attend to learn stuff and make new friends!

10. Convert a Business to Bitcoin
Is there a thing you want to pay for that’s hard to do in bitcoin, like rent, plane tickets, or insurance? If you work with a family-owned business or individual, you may be able to convince them to accept bitcoin. It’s super rewarding and fun.

Happy Year of Bitcoin!