There is now a new and ridiculously simple method to send small amounts of bitcoin to someone. Assuming both parties have a Twitter account, Tippercoin let’s one person send a fraction of the BTC in their account to another in seconds. Those who are familiar with Reddit’s Bitcointip Bot will likely recognize the inspiration behind the system.

The first step in sending money to others is to connect the Tippercoin service to your Twitter account and load just a little bitcoin in to your account. Just a little – even the creators say they are not interested in holding more than 5 BTC total right now.

Then just fire tweets at your buddies who you would like to send a little bit of cash. The format is simple – put the person’s Twitter ID, any accompanying text, the amount in BTC, and the hashtag #Tippercoin. If you have that amount or more in your account, your money will be deducted and sent to your target’s account or, if they do not have one, held in limbo until they make one on their end. The money will be held for 21 days, after which if the money is still unclaimed by the person, it will be returned to you.

So in simplified form, a send looks like this:

@pinguino I am sending you money! 0.001 BTC #Tippercoin

Try it out – it’s lots of fun! As you can see below, I may have flung a few out myself.