One of the biggest arguments against bitcoin is the lack of “real world” services. People generally have specific needs that are difficult to purchase with virtual currency, such as rent, electricity, phone service, and insurance. Now, Southern California bitcoin users have a friendly, local option: Simi Valley Insurance.

David Rives worked at Allstate for less than a year when he decided to open his own insurance practice. His wife Charlotte was a natural fit as a bookkeeper, with previous experience at insurance agencies. He opened Simi Valley insurance in 1967. Now his granddaughter, Christina Shaban, is leading the charge to accept bitcoin for the family business.

“We are a family-owned business and specialize in a personalized kind of service,” explained Christina. “Offering auto, life, home and commercial insurance, we are more than happy to discuss your options and help you find the right policy to protect you and your major investments. Currently, we have two active agents who have been with us for just shy of 20 years.”

“After hearing my friends talk about it more and it being suggested to me, I looked into it. I emailed with a cupcake company in the bay area who was about to give me a bit of advice on their experience excepting bitcoin. I also did a little research on my own online, watching talks and reading articles. Reading about Bitpay is really what helped me make the decision to accept them.”

Christina was interested in bitcoin, but did not want to put her family’s business at risk in a volatile market. “Because I was not interested in keeping bitcoin, Bitpay was the perfect match for me.”

“If someone wants to buy insurance, right now we will only be excepting bitcoin for auto policies. The customer first would be able to get a quote over the phone. After that the customer could either come in the office or via email make payment. All policies will be required to be paid in full at time of purchase. After the money has be received in our account (could take 24-48 hours) the customer will have to come into the office and at this point we will issue you your policy and have you sign paperwork.”

I purchased my policy from Christina in August. We used a laptop and iphone, and it was super easy. I’ve been incredibly happy with the level of service from the company, and would absolutely recommend them to other Los Angeles residents. Click here for more info: