Satoshi Square LA invites you to attend Los Angeles’s first open air market! Satoshi Square LA will be Wednesday, June 12, from 6:30p-8:00p. We’ll be meeting up at the newly launched Grand Park downtown, at the fountain. This event is based on the Satoshi Square events in New York, and we’ll be using a version of Josh Rossi’s software to run the trades. The first 20 people to arrive will receive bitcoins from Gogocoin cards, (about $5 worth of bitcoin each.)

Grand Park is located in Downtown Los Angeles. It’s very close to City Hall and the Walt Disney Center. You can get there easily on the subway at the Civic Center stop. Parking for Grand Park is available in Lot 10 on N Broadway between First Street and Temple Street. Click here for a google map. If you get lost: (812) 233-3468

If you’re new to bitcoin, we can show you how they work. Can’t wait to meet other bitcoin enthusiasts and trade on June 12! Here’s the facebook link to the event, too:

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