Sorry for the break in news postings. I’m going to link to the most interesting stories from the weekend through today and you can catch up along with me.

Winklevoss Presentation Part 1

Winklevoss Presentation Part 2

BITCOIN 2013 – DAY1 – Peter Vessenes of Bitcoin Foundation

The infamous Bitcoin Song

The Bitcoin Bar and Housing IPOs: Monetary Stimulus Ushers in a New Age of Investments

PC World: Canadian regulator takes lighter view of Bitcoin

Verge: Why won’t Bitcoin die?

RT: Should Palestine switch from the shekel to Bitcoin?

Coindesk: Bitcoin 2013 in review

Coindesk: BitPay CEO Tony Gallippi warns against DIY Bitcoin fails #Bitcoin2013

Coindesk: BitInstant’s Charlie Shrem sees Bitcoin battles ahead #Bitcoin2013

Reason: The Top 3 Things I Learned at the Bitcoin Conference

HuffPo: The Great Bitcoin Debate

Forbes: Bitcoin Comes To SWIFT

Genesis Block: 10,000s of Avalon ASICs Set to Rival ASICMiner in July