“CampBX is my favorite BTC trading platform and I would recommend it to beginners and advanced users alike.”

Website: www.campbx.com
Transaction Fee: 0.55%
Limits: 500 Btc per day, more Btc per day for verified users
Transfer Type: Dwolla, Money Order, and Personal Checks


Review: CampBX has quickly become my favorite site to trade coins. They have a very simple and easy to navigate page but also has several more of the advanced features that are lacking on many other Bitcoin trading sites. Being a noob, one of the advanced feature that is helpful to me is the ability to easily set buy and sell orders. I like to be able to put in a buy order to something like $100.00 for 1 coin and hopefully within the next few days the market will hit that price. The ability to do that quickly and easily intrigued me about this site.

Another major plus to me was that they offer 2 factor authentications for your online account. If you have not used this before it’s a great extra security precaution to take for any site with your personal information or money attached. When you log on using your username and password you are then asked to verify a 6 digit code. You get that 6 digit code from an app on your smart phone called Google Authenticator  It is a quick and easy process and provides a lot of extra security to the trading experience on CampBX.


Some of the other qualities with the site is that they are located in the United States and not offshore like most other trading platforms. CampBX also is still accepting Dwolla payments. Last week the Department of Homeland Security cut off Dwolla from sending money to MTGOX which has traditionally been the main trading platform for Bitcoins [Link]. Since Campbx is located in the US it is less likely that they will get cutoff in the same way but there are still no guarantees.

Signing up for CampBX was much easier and quicker than most BTC trading platforms. There is not a complex verification method or needing to wait several days to start trading. The longest part for me was that there is about a 6 hour delay between sending money in Dwolla to actually getting it into your account. Once that money was transferred I was able to buy Bitcoin immediately and at great market prices.

There are very few things lacking with CampBX. My only complaint is that I would like to see the market rate listed on the front page before needing to log in. Another issue is the time needed to extract USD from your CampBX account. If you want to transfer USD out of your account using dwolla you have to wait 31 days after your account has been linked with CampBX. This was not a major issue for me because currently I’m just looking to purchase coin. CampBX is my favorite BTC trading platform and I would recommend it to beginners and advanced users alike.