Coinworker is a fairly easy way to make bitcoins in your free time. It’s a bit like Mechanical Turk; you do very simple browser-based tasks and are rewarded with points. I made an account, which was simple enough. The tasks look pretty easy and straightforward. At 1 point per task, it might take you a while to make money this way. I did a 30 second 1 point task and was awarded 0.00008BTC. Unless my math is way off, it would take 12,500 points to make 1BTC. My guess is that this would be about 6,250 hours. I hope they readjust their payment a bit. It equals out to about $1 per hour.

Although, leaving this up on screen a bit, I do see the point value rise with the bitcoin values changing. It’s now at 0.00009BTC. It also says it’s using Bitcoin value of 117.641 and translating it to 11764 points = 1BTC.

After 180 points, the bitcoin conversion moves to your bitcoin address. The tasks all come from SF-based crowdsourcing group Cloudflower.