Armory Main Screen

Armory provides one of the most robust, multi-platform wallet management tools available.  Some key features:

  • Wallets can be maintained with or without encryption.
  • Maintain offline wallets
  • Import VanityGen addresses
  • Sweep funds from Casascius physical Bitcoins
  • Two modes – “Standard” and “Advanced” depending on the experience level of the user.

Update: There is a new advisory on the Armory download page that reads as follows: “We must immediately discourage the use of Armory for new users and even some existing users, unless you are very patient and have 6+ GB of RAM in your online Windows system (4+ GB for Linux users).   We are aware of the usability issues and should have it resolved in the next few weeks.

Let’s hope this is fixed as Armory is definitely one of the best tools out there for easy, secure wallet management.