DogeParty West


Spelunkin is proud to present our first Dogecoin party – April 4, 2014!

Place: Meltdown Comics, located at 7522 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, California.

Time: 7-10 pm!

Admission: FREE!

Music by DJ Headshot and Carl Schwenk.

Featuring LIVE SHIBAS from Southern California Shiba Inu Rescue and Two Dogs Farms!! If you’d like to send dogecoin to the charities, here are their wallets:

Socal Shiba Inu Rescue Doge Account: DTEPzQ8SP6xvPzudh5QNtcuUMrN9WRaUYt
Two Dogs Farms Doge Account: DGtdNLjE71CoWyPBHh3YpKhnzFo4ynDwNe

DOGE CONTEST! Vote for your favorite doge by sending it dogecoin! Contest site is at http://spelunk.in/dogeparty-west/doge-contest/

Come hang out with fellow doge fans, perhaps even dance with them! Bring a Shiba Inus and have it slathered in coos and joyous pets from strangers or enter it into our DogeDog contest! Speak in simplified sentences all night!

Neon Roots is bringing their live cryptocurrency ticker.

Jeff Maki is playtesting DogeCards, and Brad Wolf is demoing a doge-funded game.


Meltdown x Spelink.in x Reddit Collab Shirt!
Meltdown is releasing a new shirt with art by Dan Clowes and Pinguino. The first 50 shirts will be the exclusive reddit version.  It’s $20, but if you buy $20 of merchandise with a cryptocurrency, you get the shirt for FREE!

@ericnakagawa (doge4water) is sending us a pizza!
More treats to come!

Spelunk.in and Meltdown are supplying booze!

Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/dogecoin/comments/20yu5r/dogeparty_in_la_april_4th/



4 thoughts on “DogeParty West

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  4. danm i missed out! when is the next event! ;D

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