Melissa Rosen, Co-Owner of Locali, with the two co-owners of ZenBox discuss the installation of the new ATM in Los Angeles

Bitcoin ATMs Arrive in Los Angeles! Part Three, Interview with Cailen Sullivan and Melissa Rosen

One of our Spelunkin field reporters, Rob Mitchell, was good enough to give us a thorough review of the first Bitcoin ATMs in Los Angeles. In Part One, he gave…

Bitcoinference Summer 2014 @ Amsterdam Science Park

Bitcoinference Summer 2014 will take place from Wednesday, September 3rd til Friday, September 5th at the Amsterdam Science Park, birthplace of digital cash (David Chaum, Digicash). Regular Bird (Student) Tickets…

Can Digital Currency work in the Samoan Islands? It’s A Cultural Conundrum.

Digital currency in the Samoan Islands is a tough sell. The simplest way I could tell them how Dogecoins, Bitcoins, or any digital currency works is this: It’s money. The…

Fred Wilson calls his "Bitcoin + Philanthropy" meeting to order at NYU on July 14th, 2014.

Fred Wilson Speaks about Bitcoin and Philanthropy

Before a crowd of hundreds of local Bitcoin fans and students who have a shared interest in cryptocurrencies, Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures gave a long talk called “A Fred Talk for Good” about Bitcoin and Philanthropy.

Rik Willard moderates the panel at ON: BITCOIN INVESTING on 25 June, 2014

The ON21 Vision Series on Bitcoin Investing

On June 25th, the law offices of Goodwin Procter LLP hosted the latest ON21 Vision Series event called “ON: BITCOIN INVESTING”.

One of Cailen's test transactions.

Bitcoin ATMs Arrive in Los Angeles! Part Two, Hands-On

Part one of my Bitcoin ATM experience gave an overview of the Bitcoin ATM and its deployment at Locali in Venice, California. In this part, I document the details of using the Bitcoin ATM in every way I couldĀ think of to do so.


Bitcoin ATMs Arrive in Los Angeles! Part One, Overview

Rob Mitchell was good enough to give us a thorough review of the first Bitcoin ATMs in Los Angeles. In this first part, he gives us the basic information about where it is and how it works.


Satoshi Square #5 Writeup

A year ago, Spelunk.in was inspired by Satoshi Square in NYC to start a meetup in LA where anyone could show up and trade coins. Completely decentralized, no company served…


Satoshi Square LA – June 18

Come out to Satoshi Square June 18, and trade cryptocurrency! If you want to trade altcoins, let us know which ones you’re doing so people can be prepared with the…

Bitcoin Street Fair - 15 June 2014

Bitcoin Summer Sundays Begin June 15th!

Starting on Sunday, June 15th, and continuing each Sunday through until October 26th, over 30 vendors will be accepting bitcoin for goods and food products.